Basic Oral Care

This video from displays the basics of oral care! It is great advice – I guess when my mother said she would wash my mouth out with soap, she may have had something … Step 3 is to wash/brush your tongue! Who would have thunk it? :)

Happy Oral Health Care!

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Is a Boxer Right For You?

This is part of a series of videos submitted by the great team at

If you are looking for an affectionate, loyal, intelligent dog, a Boxer would be an excellent choice. Boxers were originally bred in Germany during the 19th century as hunting companions. Their name comes from the dog’s tendency to stand on its hind legs when threatened, batting at its opponent — or boxing — with its front paws. Their powerful bodies and loyal dispositions make them ideal guard dogs.

The patience and affectionate nature of Boxers also makes them perfect family pets. They enjoy the company of humans and are playful with children. The breed is a popular choice for service as seeing-eye dogs for the blind.

The Boxers featured in this video are named Zania and Daisy and belong to Shawna and Mike. Zania is 6 months old and Daisy is 6 years old. They both love spending time playing with their family and taking long, brisk walks together. is an online directory that includes trusted businesses and information about topics that are important to you, including pet care.  If you have a video you would like to share or an article on pet care or are a veterinarian and would like to feature your business on any of our Vet Pages like these: Vets in Kaysville, UT or Vets in Pacifica, CA or blog pages, just contact us at



Checking Fluid Levels

In this video from Allan Stanley of AAA demonstrates how to check fluid levels in your car.

Dogs Understand Live, Love, Laugh Like No Other!

One of my favorite artists is Stephen Huneck and our guest room includes one of our favorite prints by him! Stephen Huneck painted pictures of his beloved labs in his studio in my beloved state of Vermont. I am a facebook fan and love to see the featured prints and to visit their site Dog Mountain.

I thought I would share some of these great prints with you all.

If you are ever in St. Johnsbury, VT stop by Dog Mountain!

Finding Organic Skin Care Products

Green and Organic food seems to be all the rage and is making its way in to our main stream grocery stores and in to the hearts and minds of Americans of all ages. But what about organic skin care. If we care what goes in to our bodies, shouldn’t we care about what goes on to our skin.

Environmentalist and author Anna Lappe has expert tips on finding natural and organic skin care products.

Anne Lappe is an author and has authored several books including: Grub: “Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen”.

Organic Gardening and Bugs

“Spring is in the Air” and it is time to think about your garden, but what should you do with those pesky bugs! First of all, not all bugs are bad bugs and second there are natural and organic… Here is great advice from and Scott Meyer, editor of Organic Gardening Magazine.

Conserving Water At Home

Check Out This Great Video on Conserving Water at Home from

UnClog That Sink with Green Products

Here are some great ideas if you have a clogged sink, but don’t want to use harsh chemicals. This video from shows you how to unclog a sink with green products.

Check out Julie Eldeman’s latest book; “The Accidental Housewife” on Amazon.

The American Chiropractor Magazine Celebrates its 30th Birthday!

Jaclyn Busch Touzard, President of The American Chiropractor Magazine speaks at the Parker Seminar held at the Las Vegas Hilton to announce the 30th birthday of the magazine.  The American Chiropractor Magazine is the premier magazine for the chiropractic professional and is published monthly.  As a family run business, three generations of the Busch family have been involved in publishing a world class magazine with the mission of continued education and advancement of the chiropractic professional.

Each issue of the magazine is filled with timely articles written by chiropractic experts and professionals.

Take a few minutes to listen to Jaclyn Busch Touzard as she speaks about The American Chiropractor Magazine and their 30th anniversary.

The American Chiropractor has a readership of over 50,000 medical professionals!

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